Daily Snapshots

When setting up a node on the Telos network, you can either start the nodeos process from the Genesis snapshot or from one of the latest snapshots saved on our server. Starting a node from the Genesis snapshot can take weeks to synchronize with the network or you can use the latest snapshot and have the node synchronized within minutes.

You can either download the snapshot to your local machine and then upload it to the Telos node using a file manager like WinSCP for instance, or download it directly from your node server using the wget command as provided.

Once downloaded onto the Telos node, extract with:
tar -xvf file.tar.gz

Start Nodeos with snapshot:
sudo nodeos --data-dir ~/path/to/data --config-dir ~/path/to/config --delete-all-blocks --snapshot ~/path/to/snapshot/snapshot_file.bin

Genesis snapshots

In case you need to startup a node with the Genesis snapshot, just copy the JSON text into a genesis.json file in your config directory of the Telos node.