Code of conduct. (Published: 11-2018)

Telos Central hereby submits our Mission statement, Guiding Principles, and Code of Conduct for the consideration of the Telos voting community.

Mission Statement: Telos Central aims to be a guardian who protects the Telos network. This will be through high performance, reliable network support, investing to enable it to scale and empowering the community to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Ethics and Compliance: Telos Central as a Block Producer will maintain full operational and financial independence at all times. This includes no operational control by any outside investors, and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interest stakes in other Telos block producers. Additionally, we will not collude with other block producers or run more than one BP node within any chain to further strengthen this principle.

    We, as Telos Central hereby pledge that we will:
  1. adhere to the Telos Network Constitution and Block Producer Agreement.
  2. disclose and maintain full transparency of all stakeholders.
  3. stay self-funded in order to maintain full operational control.
  4. remain independent from other Block Producers, but are open and willing to work with, and cooperate with other Block Producers in order to improve and maintain a healthy and thriving Telos ecosystem.
  5. disclose the geographic locations and technical specifications of our servers.
  6. publish our financial standings on an annual basis and provide periodic information on request.
  7. publish our financial standings on an annual basis and provide periodic information on request.
  8. once we're established, participate in community events to represent Telos.
  9. re-invest and donate a percentage of block rewards into the Telos network and community.

This is our initial draft of our Code of Conduct and is an accurate statement of our intentions, although may be subject to change due to unforeseen, external factors, but the community will be updated and informed whenever such a change is adopted.