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Sqrl is the easiest and most powerful desktop wallet for the Telos Blockchain and other EOSIO-based networks.

Managing your account is extremely simple using Sqrl. Send and receive native or custom tokens, "stake" your tokens for security and participating in governance, and view your account balances in a unified interface.

Powered by Telos Decide, you can use the power of your votes to help guide the future of Telos.

With staking rewards of over 15% annually, you can earn passive income while voting for block producers, participating in worker proposal submissions, or engage in amending clauses of the Telos Network Operating Agreement.


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I am the owner of the Telos Central block validator that runs infrastructure on the Telos blockchain. We, as Telos Central are really passionate about the opportunities and possibilities that Telos as a 3rd generation blockchain presents and are continually working on ways to help Telos reach its full potential.


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