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Newdex was launched on the EOS blockchain on August 8, 2018. It is the leading order-book decentralized Exchange for on-chain matching and settlement in the entire network. Newdex has reached cooperation with more than 20 digital coin wallets (TokenPocket, imToken, Bitpie etc.) to perfectly present the decentralized transaction experience “matching via smart contract and receiving assets while transaction completed”. On January 19, 2021, Newdex has completed the new upgrade, from an order-book decentralized Exchange to an aggregate decentralized Exchange, and has successfully aggregated the depth of Newdex's limit orders and the depth of liquidity pools of the major Swaps on the EOS (Defibox, Defis Network, etc.), allowing EOS users to obtain the best depth and best price trading experience, which has become the first trading entry in the EOS ecosystem.

Newdex is committed to taking advantage of the composability of DeFi to aggregate the depth of DEX in multiple chains, develop the aggregated DEX with "best depth, best price and best experience", provide users with good decentralized trading experience, and become multi-chain DEX trading entry.

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I am the owner of the Telos Central block validator that runs infrastructure on the Telos blockchain. We, as Telos Central are really passionate about the opportunities and possibilities that Telos as a 3rd generation blockchain presents and are continually working on ways to help Telos reach its full potential.


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