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Chainspector combines a variety of live data about the Telos blockchain network. Although raw data is public, giving it a meaninful sense can be difficult for non technical users. It can even be tedious for people using a block explorer. Unlike a block explorer, Chainspector offers a set of tools that present useful information so the user can play with it.

Development of this software has been partially funded by the Telos Worker Proposal System. Chainspector will align with the community needs. This alpha version offers just 4 initial sets of tools, but we plan to add many more. We need your feedback to shape our development!

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I am the owner of the Telos Central block validator that runs infrastructure on the Telos blockchain. We, as Telos Central are really passionate about the opportunities and possibilities that Telos as a 3rd generation blockchain presents and are continually working on ways to help Telos reach its full potential.


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